The Farm

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As we approach our centenary anniversary of the family here at Phepson Farm there are many new and exciting projects to look forward to.

The Havard Family has farmed at Phepson for four generations, since buying the farm in 1919. When David’s grandfather first came to the farm, he used his carthorses Lofty and Diamond to work the land and kept pigs, sheep and cattle.

Nowadays, Rob runs the farm with a strong emphasis on conservation, now farming organically. We are part of a national wildlife-farming scheme and ensure the farm is managed to help conserve and nurture the natural habitat, aiming to maintain the historic landscape and conserve different species of wild flowers and birds.

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We also farm 180 acres of historic parkland at one of the National Trust’s flagship properties, Croome Court. This offers a great opportunity to enjoy a local walk and see some of our farm conservation work in action. Rob uses new and innovative practices to maximise production in an environmentally sustainable way. Our cattle are farmed using an holistic grazing method and all cattle are grassfed, we sell the meat through a Grassfed butcher and will soon be selling direct to customers. An example of the grazing system is planned “Mob Grazing” for which Rob has led  national conferencesand regularly hosts farm tours: