Wildlife Walk

Phepson Farm is managed to help conserve and nurture the natural habitat, aiming to maintain the historic landscape and conserve different species of wildflowers and birds. Our wildlife walk gives you the opportunity to walk along a route around the farm and see some of this work in progress. You may notice works such as tree planting, hedgerow restoration, hay making and grazing. Historic features being maintained include medieval ridge and furrow and a settlement indicated by earthworks platforms. Some of the birds to look or listen for are Lapwings, Skylarks, Song Thrushes, Yellowhammers and Reed Buntings.

The route starts behind the main farmhouse and follows the winding Lane Field until you are brought out by the lake, set in tranquil surroundings overlooked by nearby Goosehill Wood. This follows a crooked `L` shape with two large islands in the middle and is an ideal spot to stop and relax and maybe enjoy a tasty picnic! The walk continues around the lake until you meet the stile in the corner of the field. Here you can decide whether to join a local footpath taking you through nearby farmland or remain on the path around the lake.